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COD: Warzone Viewership On Twitch Increased By 24% MoM In March 2021 – 91M Hours Watched

Last Updated on Aprile 28, 2021 by Redazione Scommesse

Call of Duty: Warzone remains as one of Twitch’s most-watched games a year since its first release. According to data presented by 123scommesse.it, COD: Warzone was watched for a total of 91M hours on Twitch in March 2021 – a 24% MoM increase from February.

COD: Warzone Popular Among Twitch’s Viewers And Streamers

COD: Warzone celebrated its first year anniversary on March 10 2021 and continues to perform strongly for the COD franchise. Warzone was watched on Twitch for an estimated combined total of 91M hours for the entire month of March – a 24% increase from February’s viewership numbers.

As of writing, Warzone’s viewership for the month of March is also the third-largest recorded month since the game’s launch and the highest since May 2020. Warzone also set the 7th highest number of peak viewers with 411,804 in March.

Warzone is also a popular game among streamers and was the 6th most streamed game on Twitch. The popular online Battle Royale game was streamed for an estimated combined total of 3.48M hours. A total of 210,205 gamers streamed Warzone on Twitch for the month of March giving it the 8th most on the platform.

Warzone Part Of Popular Battle Royale Trend

Warzone is part of an increasingly popular game mode known as Battle Royale. Fortnite was the most-watched BR game across all three major platforms in February 2021 with an estimated combined total of 127M hours watched. Warzone was the fourth most-watched with a combined total of 86M hours across all three platforms.

Warzone Hit 100m Players in April

In April 2021, Warzone reached an important milestone as it announced it had breached the 100M player count.

Rex Pascual, Esports Editor at 123scommesse.it, commented on Warzone’s success;

“Warzone was the COD franchise’s first foray into free-to-play games, as part of a new three-pronged business plan that also included the release of COD mobile. Since its release, Warzone has become an important part of the sales funnel for the franchise attracting new players to the fan base. As a direct result of Warzone’s success, COD: Modern Warfare was ranked as the highest-grossing premium game of 2020.”

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